Largest Fueling Station in Las Vegas, NV

The Trop Stop Gas & Car Wash location includes a Sinclair gas station. The Sinclair Oil & Gas Company has been around for almost 100 years and is the largest oil refinery in the Rocky Mountain region.

Sinclair fuels are from North America and contain Dinocare detergent additive to help protect your entire fuel system. Sinclair offers the highest-quality fuel available in the market.
Gas — Gas station in Las Vegas, NV
Gas Las Vegas — Silver car in Las Vegas, NV

24 Fueling Points Total

  • 12 - Diesel Fueling Points
  • 2 - Hi-Flo Diesel Fueling Points (pumps @ 30 GPM)

  • Lots of Room on nearly 2 Acres for all types of Vehicles

  • Quick Easy-in, easy-out
  • All Fleet Cards Accepted (excludes private label cards)
  • All Major Cards Accepted (Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX, Debit)
  • All Sinclair Issued Cards
  • A 20 Cent per Gallon Discount at the pump applies to the Sinclair Green Card (limited time offer)

4 Grades of Fuel

  • Unleaded 87 Octane
  • Mid-Grade 89 Octane
  • Premium 91 Octane
  • Diesel - On-Road Low Sulfur Clear
  • We do not offer Red Dye Diesel, E-85, Kerosene, or Gasohol
Sinclair — Fuel dispenser in Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas— Fuel nozzle in Las Vegas, NV
Hi-Flo Diesel
For more information about the Sinclair stations, call Trop Stop Gas & Car Wash at (702) 253-7101.

We are located in Southwest Las Vegas and we proudly serve Las Vegas, Paradise Township, Spring Valley, and the surrounding areas.