Propane Tank Refills in Las Vegas, NV

Trop Stop Gas & Car Wash provides propane tank refills and tank exchange. We have been a certified propane tank refilling center for over 20 years.
  • BBQ Tanks
  • Forklift
  • 25-Gallon Tanks
  • RV / Motorhomes
  • Propane-Powered Vehicles
Propane — Man Refilling Profane Tanks in Las Vegas, NV
Propane tanks — Man Refiling Small Tank in Las Vegas, NV
Propane Las Vegas — Man and a car in Las Vegas, NV

Propane Tank Refill Guidelines

  • We refill or exchange 5-gallon BBQ tanks.
  • We refill all forklift tanks and other tanks up to 25 gallons and beyond.
  • We refill all ASME (permanently installed) tanks on RVs and other applications.
  • We bill by a tenth of a gallon.
  • You only pay for the gallons you pump. No flat charges or estimates.
  • You get to keep your tank.

DMV Smog Check Center

Come to Trop Stop Gas & Car Wash to get your vehicle smog-checked at a fair price.
Contact Trop Stop Gas & Car Wash at (702) 253-7101 for more information about tank refills or smog checks.

We are located in Southwest Las Vegas and we proudly serve Las Vegas, Paradise Township, Spring Valley, and the surrounding areas.